Join the REMEDIES movement and help collect 20 tonnes of plastic litter!

The challenge 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our beach clean-up movement. Our mission is simple  yet profound: Organize 100+ beach clean-ups across the Mediterranean, with over 2,000  citizens and collect more than 20 tonnes of plastic litter. Our target areas of operation are  Koper, Sardinia, Cyclades, Porquerolles, and Morocco. A joint effort by a variety of  organizations who lead the change locally. By showcasing our collective achievements, we aim  to inspire others to join our cause and join the movement for a plastic litter-free future!

Beach-clean up organized by the project partner CNR along with @ampsinis, Port Capitaneria and Mossa di Oristano Technical Institute on the occasion of ‘’Sea and Marine Culture Day’’.

We join forces with like-minded individuals and organizations, to tackle the pressing issue of  plastic pollution in our coastal regions. Through dedicated efforts and a shared vision, we  believe that together, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment for  all. The clean-ups have already started in France, Slovenia, Italy and Greece, while the  Lighthouse Training took place as part of REMEDIES in Venice and its lagoon, to define the  strategy and the approach of our clean-ups. 

How to participate 

Are you participating/organizing clean-up actions? Let’s join forces!  

How does REMEDIES support amplifying and scaling impact?  

Specialized Trainings from Plastic Experts: 

We offer workshops for litter characterization to equip participants and local leaders with the  necessary knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact during our clean-up activities. By  understanding the different types of litter and their origins, we can contribute to the efforts of  plastic litter prevention as well as more targeted and effective clean-up efforts.  

Getting access to collective results: 

The results of our clean-ups will be showcased in a specialized app, providing users with full  access to the findings of clean-up initiatives throughout the Mediterranean. By becoming part of  our movement, you will be contributing to a larger scope of data collection and analysis, helping  us gain valuable insights into the extent of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean sea. 

Advocating for a shared cause: 

We form an active network of individuals and organizations contributing to a common Mission.  Alongside our clean-up efforts, we are committed to raising awareness together, about the  consequences of plastic pollution. Through targeted campaigns with the collaboration of prestigious and experienced organizations worldwide such as WWF, Planet Matters, Med  Waves, Beyond Plastic Med, and Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, we will advocate for no  plastic litter oceans beaches, encouraging responsible waste management practices and  inspiring individuals to make sustainable choices. Together, we can make a real difference and  protect our precious coastal ecosystems. 

Exit Fondacija supported a 3-hour Ada Bojana beach cleanup as part of the #20TonnesChallenge initiative!


REMEDIES is an Horizon Europe Innovation Action creating innovative solutions and  technologies to monitor, collect, prevent and valorise (micro)plastic from our oceans. Our  approach is rooted in science, circularity, and community engagement aiming to protect water  ecosystems, reduce plastic pollution and develop a climate-neutral blue economy. In the next 4  years, 23 Partners from 12 countries will showcase 12 breakthrough innovations from validation  and demonstration, to system prototyping in operational environments. The innovative solutions  will be tested in 8 Mediterranean countries and replicated in 33 new sites in order to scale them  across the whole Mediterranean. 

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