Research & Innovation

alchemia-nova Greece is following on the footsteps of alchemia-nova Austria, developing prototypes and promoting market-mature solutions. We are aiming at systemic circularity oriented objectives, in accordance with the European Circular Economy Strategies, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Cradle-to-Cradle® standards.


alchemia-nova Greece is coordinating the design and construction of prototypes and follows through to their full development into market-mature products/systems. In cooperation with alchemia-nova Austria, it is introducing to the Greek and Balkan Market a series products developed by continuous R&D during the last 13 years.

  • LooPi®
    Sustainable and circular public toilet
    Plant-based unisex urinal treating wastewater in an integrated vertical constructed wetland ecosystem. Treated wastewater is reused for flushing. Nutrients in urine are transformed into fertilizer.

    LooPi® is a Plant-based unisex urinal, treating the wastewater generated from flushing in an integrated vertical constructed wetland ecosystem. The nutrients in the urine are transformed into fertilizer and the treated wastewater is reused for flushing. This way LooPi® is […]

  • vertECO®
    Verticaly constructed ecosystem for greywater treatment

    Our vertECO technology treats waste/grey-water within a vertically constructed plant-based wetland. The underlying principle is the employment of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to encourage the cleansing of polluted water through microbiological activity occurring in the root-zone of plants. Advantages of […]

  • Aeroplant
    Curabitur eget mollis nisl, nec pharetra lectus

    Nature Based Air purification Aeroplant is a sustainable, low energy consumption air-purification unit, which is using the power of plants to filter and treat air indoors. A low-energy fan is used to actively circulate the surrounding air through the plants […]



Our aim is to create, initiate, develop and coordinate cutting edge research & innovation projects dealing with Circular Economy, Systemic Transformation from linear to Circular and Nature Based Solutions.

  • Remedies Horizon Europe

    REMEDIES is an Horizon Europe innovation Program creating innovative solutions and technologies to monitor, collect, prevent and valorise (micro)plastic from our oceans. Our approach is rooted in science, circularity, and community engagement aiming to protect water ecosystems, reduce pollution and […]

    Remedies Horizon Europe
  • Bioeconomy Ventures
    Raising disruptive bioeconomy ventures, start-ups and spin-offs to the top.
    This project will build a reference platform for bioeconomy-based start-ups and spinoffs seeking to gain access to finance, becoming the main meeting point in the European bioeconomy.

    Aligned with the European Bioeconomy Strategy (2018) and the vision and strategy of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), our solution is based on a threefold approach: Project Main Objectives: Project Vision: Project coordinatorIRISH BIOECONOMY FOUNDATION Project partnerASOCIACION CLUSTER FOOD+I FLANDERS’ FOODBIO […]

    Bioeconomy Ventures
  • Hydrousa
    Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region
    Counteract the annual summer-time water-shortages experienced in touristically active regions by the implementation of innovative nature-based systems

    HYDROUSA is an EU Innovation project submitted and approved under call topic CIRC-02-2016-2017 (Water in the context of the circular economy) (Grant Agreement No. 776643) The aim of the project is to counteract the annual summer-time water-shortages experienced in touristically […]