LooPi® is a Plant-based unisex urinal, treating the wastewater generated from flushing in an integrated vertical constructed wetland ecosystem. The nutrients in the urine are transformed into fertilizer and the treated wastewater is reused for flushing. This way LooPi® is closing the water loop within its own functional system.

Sustainable Circular Public Urinal

An intelligent alternative to public urinals, ideal for technology centres, cities, companies, university and sport campuses, shopping malls, zoos and wherever people need to go to the toilet!

The cycle of nutrients in the LooPi®
Advantages of LooPi®
  • Is gender neutral and child friendly
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 90%
  • Captures CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Captures nutrients from urine in biochar
  • The biochar is used as an agricultural fertilizer
  • Increases biodiversity in urban spaces
  • Cools surrounding air, crating a microclimate in urban spaces
  • It has a “clean and simple” design, it is inviting and functional
  • It is mobile, easy to set-up and vandalism proof
  • It has easy access for maintenance and cleaning
LooPi® at the “City of Future” exhibition in Vienna
Technical Data
  • Size: 4,20m long x 3,05 m high x 2,40m wide
  • Weight: 13,5 t
  • Capacity: treatment of 30L urine / 24 hr
  • Energy consumption: 5 kWh/d
  • >200 plants from over 30 species
  • Connection to rainwater drainage
  • Connection to energy grid
  • Connection to a fresh water source (optional)

LooPi® is closing the water and the nutrient cycles.

LooPi® is designed to be dismantled and reused/recycled