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  • Gender Equality Plan

    alchemia-nova aims to promote a positive and inclusive work environment, ensuring gender balance and equality in a team of satisfied employees. The company has paid special attention to enable a sustainable work-life balance, to promote the compatibility of work and […]

    Gender Equality Plan
  • LooPi Awarded the Green Concept Award

    The international Green Product Award distinguishes products and services, good in sustainability, innovation & design since 2013. It is aimed at projects on the market from start-ups and established companies. The Green Concept Award celebrates creators of visionary concepts To […]

    LooPi Awarded the Green Concept Award
  • Guide to circular economy in building construction

    Global phosphorus reserves are under pressure of depletion in the near future due to increased consumption of primary phosphorus reservoirs and improper management of phosphorus. At the same time, a considerable portion of global marine water bodies has been suffering […]