About us

Long time friends and co-workers, we decided to open an alchemia-nova branch in Greece as we strongly believe that the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean areas could benefit greatly by our approach and suggested solutions.

alchemia-nova is fully dedicated to circular systems, circular economy and its principles. Our strength lies in creating out-of-the-box solutions by combining different disciplines. We use a systemic thinking, wholistic approach to address issues raised with disruptive and game changing innovations.


alchemia-nova was founded in Vienna in the year 2000 by Hanswerner Mackwitz, one of the pioneers of eco-activism. After his death in 2010, we restructured alchemia-nova and led it from a 2-3 person institute to a 30 person research and innovation institute with an international profile. In 2006, we became Cradle to Cradle® partner and in 2019 two further branches were founded. alchemia-nova Greece was based in Athens Greece and in 2022 was moved to Thessaloniki.


  • Exploring new areas by creating circular systems
  • Defining circular business models of the future, which are marketable by the broad public
  • Co-creating systemic approaches by enabling new multi-beneficial networks
  • Developing a symbiosis of communities, companies and the people by connecting resource flows


Polymnia Dagtzidou

Polymnia has graduated a pharmacists and has worke´d in the pharmaceutical sector for 18 years. In 2017 a turn in her career has led her to embrace Circular Econamy and its values. In 2019 she co-founded alchemia-nova Greece and became the managing director of the company.


Maria Troullou

Research and Development in Social Sciences and Humanities. Maria is a project facilitator and scientific collaborator for the ministry of culture and several museums in the country. A senior project manager, she has joined the team as a shareholder since 2019.


Johannes Kisser

Johannes is evaluator, developer and initiator of many national and international and transdisciplinary projects and initiatives – co-creating ideas and nurturing them to life. The strong systems-approach combines technology innovation with nature inspiration and drives social transformation. The initiator and initial founder of the branch in Greece


Maria Pappa
Senior PM

Maria, a chemical engineer with postgraduate studies in research and development. She is a senior project manager working in the R&D and project management fields. Maria joined the team in 2022.

Melita Ntala
JuniorDM manager

Melita joined our team in 2023 as our digital media manager. She ia a motivated ecologist interested in all development on sustainable solutions and circular economy.


Theodoros Paraskevopoulos
Technical Consultant

Theodoros, an expert in his field, is a technical consultant for alchemia-nova, mainly on the subject of packaging, materials and sustainable packaging solutions.



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