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alchemia-nova Greece IKE (ALCN GR) is a research organisation based in Athens, Greece. ALCN GR is dedicated to research, innovation, consultation, education, training and dissemination in the fields of circular economy, resource recovery, industrial symbiosis, phytotechnology, bio-based industry, biogenic substitutes for fossil-fuel products, sustainable buildings and regenerative agriculture, mainly through nature-based solutions (NBS). As such, ALCN GR ultimately seeks to contribute to a more sustainable future through the transformation of linear production-consumption patterns into closed-loop processes.

The Greek company was incorporated on the 11th of January 2019, as 88% daughter company of alchemia-nova GmbH (Austria). It is taking over existing and future research projects from alchemia-nova GmbH, with an interdisciplinary team of project management, technical and scientific experts working on these projects.
For more information about projects or ongoing activities please click on www.alchemia-nova.net.




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