LooPi Awarded the Green Concept Award

The international Green Product Award distinguishes products and services, good in sustainability, innovation & design since 2013. It is aimed at projects on the market from start-ups and established companies.

The Green Concept Award celebrates creators of visionary concepts

To coop with climate change cities invest in green infrastructure – horizontal and vertical green areas. Green areas need a lot of water for irrigation and nutrients for growth. alchemia-nova´s green walls run on wastewater, using contaminants as plant nutrients, thereby cleaning the water for re-use.

“LooPi – the plant-based public urinal for all genders” is the latest innovation in the series of functional green walls. LooPi is a combination of wastewater management & green infrastructure: wastewater is treated via the integrated green wall and re-used for flushing.

Do you need a Loopi?

Das System verfügt über eine zusätzliche spannende Komponente. Nachdem das Abwasser durch die Pflanzenwand geflossen ist, muss es eine integrierte Kammer. Durch die Pflanzenwand geflossen ist, muss es eine integrierte Kammer.

LooPi is a functional green infrastructure supporting sustainability and circular economy.

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